About Us

GerMarketing is a young digital marketing agency born out of a passion for digitalization and internationalization.

We specialise in helping local and international businesses operating in the DACH countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to our expertise in various fields of Digital Marketing, we have the practical knowledge necessary for success. We are familar with the local language and markets. Our Native German professionals help you build and execute a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business - for your success in the DACH market.

Our Values

Our knowledge of digital marketing, combined with in-depth market knowledge and linguistic expertise, makes us unique.

Partnering with GerMarketing means:
✓ Transparency
✓ Commitment
✓ Efficiency

Meet the GerMarketing Team



Katrin is the founder of GerMarketing and a creative entrepreneur at heart. She studied and worked in various countries across the globe, gaining valuable international experience since her early 20's. She likes travelling, hiking and spending time with her Beagle.

At GerMarketing, Katrin is your specialist for Google Ads (SEA) and SEO.



Ilona started her Marketing career as a student, working as freelance copywriter for various German companies. She later worked as a translator and writer for companies in Germany and the Netherlands. Since 2012 she has specialised in SEO and SEO copywriting. Ilona enjoys horse riding, gardening and travelling to Switzerland.

At GerMarketing, Ilona is your specialist for SEO, SEO Copywriting and Dutch-German translations.



Elisa is bilingual in German and English and has a passion for creative writing. She studied Multilingual Communication in Germany and later spent her gap year in Australia. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

At GerMarketing, Elisa is your specialist for Creative Writing and English-German translations.



Pépa is our lovely office dog who brings joy and energy to the GerMarketing team. Like all beagle dogs, she enjoys eating, playing and sleeping.

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