Content Marketing

Today’s world is more interconnected and globalized than ever before, and potential customers are constantly exposed to marketing material online. Thus, it is essential for companies to have strong content marketing targeted at their desired audience. GerMarketing is a professional online marketing agency that specializes in helping international companies succeed in German speaking markets.

Content marketing is one of the key elements of any successful SEO strategy. In addition to a higher ranking in search engines, great content helps you convert your visitors into buyers. GerMarketing will ensure your content reaches your target audiences across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

German Copywriters

In addition to engaging content that resonates with the target audience, language is a crucial factor in the success of your content marketing campaign. Simply translating copy into German or having a German speaker with no knowledge of content marketing write your campaign won’t help you reach your target audience. Thus, the combination of experience in writing and language is what makes great content.

GerMarketing is a professional Content Marketing Agency that specializes in helping local and international companies succeed in German speaking markets. Our services can be tailored to your needs and budget. Whether your target audience is in Berlin, Zürich or Vienna or target all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) - GerMarketing is your professional partner for your digital success in the DACH market. Our team consists of native German copywriters with years of experience writing various forms of online content. From product descriptions, landing pages to eBooks - our German copywriters will provide you with unique content tailored to your individual needs that both Google and your visitors will love.

German Writing Services

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Website Translation

Would you like a German version of your current website? Or perhaps you’re ready to launch a new website in German? We offer more than just translation: your content is localized for an authentic German web presence. GerMarketing provides translations from Dutch and English into German.

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Landing Pages

Once your website template is complete, you’ll need landing pages to help bring your search engine visibility to the next level. Landing pages for specific topics and keywords are crucial for any SEA and SEO strategy. We create converting landing pages based on your keywords.

content marketing product descriptions

Product Descriptions

Good product descriptions are crucial for online shops because they influence the buying decisions of your visitors. Our experienced writers create product descriptions that put your product in the right light. We make sure your visitors find what they need to know to make a informed purchase.

content marketing blog articles

Blog Articles

Whether B2B or B2C, a blog can be lucrative; rank for new keywords, attract new visitors and position yourself as an expert in your industry. GerMarketing provides you with well-researched blog articles that create a value for your readers.

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Tutorials & eBooks

Tutorials and eBooks are excellent methods to reach out to prospective new leads. GerMarketing helps you create German tutorials and eBooks on any topic of your choice. Don’t miss out on this powerful method of lead generation among your German target group.

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Offline Content

While web content is the most in demand type of content in 2020, offline content shouldn’t be neglected. Planning the launch of a new print catalogue or brochures for an exhibition? GerMarketing translates your message into words for any type of print material.

✔ Expertise: Content Marketing specialists with over 5 years of experience

✔ Knowledge: Native German speakers who know the language and the market

✔ Reacheable: A team that is only one call away from you

✔ Transparent: Clear communication and reporting at anytime during the project

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Content Marketing - Why Quality Content is Essential in 2020

Content marketing is more than just words, it is your virtual message to potential buyers. To turn a visitor into a buyer, content should be relevant, convincing and of high quality.

Providing your visitors with informative and engaging content increases your chances of success. Therefore, content marketing is an essential tool in evoking interest and buying desire to purchase in your target group.

Additionally, great content is essential when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. In 2020, Google & Co are perfectly capable of distinguishing between good and bad content. To increase your ranking in search engines, content marketing should be one of the key elements of your digital marketing strategy.

Why You Should Hire a German SEO Copywriter

As mentioned earlier, great content is essential for a high ranking in search engines, as well as informing and convincing your visitors.

When it comes to copywriting, native speakers are the smart choice. Hiring a German native copywriter ensures that your message is delivered just the way you want it. In addition to the language, a native speaker knows the culture and market of their country and will be able to communicate effectively, build trust and avoid misunderstandings.

GerMarketing's team of native German copywriters will provide you with German content that matches your unique needs. You choose the topic and the writing style - we provide the linguistic expertise and finesse that it takes to create great content.