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Google Ads Agency

GerMarketing is a professional Google Ads Agency specialized in helping international and local companies in the German speaking markets.

Our services are tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you would like to reach a local audience in Berlin, Zürich or Vienna or target all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) - our experienced team of native German advertising professionals are at your side.

German Google Ads Professionals

GerMarketing is the Google Ads agency that makes a difference. Our native German Ads specialists have proven expertise advertising in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to our expertise, we bring the right attitude that makes us the best partner for your team.

From small to large businesses, B2C to B2B, we will work out an advertising strategy that meet to your individual requirements. GerMarketing is committed to your success - you will receive personalized advice at any stage during the project.

Our Specializations

google campaign audit

Campaign Audit

Are you spending too much on Google Ads and not getting the results you were hoping for? With a Google Ads Audit, we analyse your account and provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations for action.

google campaign optimization

Campaign Optimization

Your Google Ads campaigns are up and running but you would like to increase traffic and conversions? We optimize your running campaigns in terms of structure, settings and language to meet your goals.

google campaign setup

Campaigns Set-up

Would you like to make sure that people find you when searching for a product or service online? With Google Search Ads, we ensure that you are getting the people to your website that are looking for a product or service just like yours.

google shopping

Google Shopping

Indispensable for onlineshops, Shopping Ads allow you to display your products to people looking to buy online. Google Shopping is very lucrative in Germany, being one of the world's largest e-commerce markets.

google display advertising

Display Advertising

With Display Ads you get your target group to see your website where they spend their free time. Increase your brand awareness and get more traffic with display ads shown to audiences and channels of your choice.

google remarketing


Has someone visited your website but left without buying anything? With remarketing (also called retargeting), you can increase the chances of getting "cart abandoners" to come back to your website.

✔ Expertise: Content Marketing specialists with over 5 years of experience

✔ Knowledge: Native German speakers who know the language and the market

✔ Reacheable: A team that is only one call away from you

✔ Transparent: Clear communication and reporting at anytime during the project

germarketing laptop

Google Ads - A Smart Way of Advertising

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) are a quick and easy way of advertising for businesses all over the world.

This paid form of advertising places your brand above organic search results and allows a maximum of visibility. Google Ads includes various types of advertising: from search ads, shopping ads, display and video ads - using Google Ads is a smart and easy way to increase traffic to your website and get more leads and sales.

Did you know?
60% of Germans click on Google Ads when looking for a product or service on search engines. Don't miss out on them!

Hiring a Google Ads Agency is Cost-Efficient

When in comes to setting up and managing Google Ads, many business owners hesitate between doing the job themselves or outsourcing it to a professional Google Ads agency.

Hiring an agency is generally more cost-efficient than managing Google Ads yourself. We have many years of practical experience with setting up and managing campaigns and are familiar with Google's best practices.

Don't waste your budget on irrelevant traffic - trust our experience and know-how to get the visitors from Google Ads that bring value to your business.