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SEO Agency Germany

In a time of increased online marketing, businesses want to ensure their websites are visible when potential customers search relevant keywords. Thus, it is essential to utilise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effectively so your target audience can easily find your site when using a search engine. GerMarketing is a professional SEO Agency that specialises in helping international companies in German speaking markets.

In addition to engaging (and relevant) content, links, social media presence as well as periodic monitoring of all of the above, language is a crucial factor in the success of your search engine optimization. Simply plugging in German keywords you think are relevant or inserting a few links to other pages on your site won’t help you grow in organic rankings. On the other hand, just having a native German speaker translate your content without any knowledge of SEO isn’t ideal either. Thus, the combination of expertise and language is the key to a successful campaign.

German SEO Agency

GerMarketing is a professional SEO Agency that specializes in helping local and international companies succeed in German speaking markets. Our services can be tailored to your needs and budget. Whether your target audience is in Berlin, Zürich or Vienna or target all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) - GerMarketing is the SEO agency that makes a difference! Our team consists of native German SEO specialists with various years of expertise in Search Engine Optimization in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for international clients. In addition to our expertise, we bring a mentality that makes us the best partner for your team.

Our services can be tailored to your needs. Whether you would like to improve your organic rankings and increase visibility in Germany, Austria and Switzerland or be found by a local audience - GerMarketing is your preferred partner for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Services

seo audit

SEO Audit

Do you have a great website that still isn’t getting much traffic or leads? With our SEO Audit you will get a comprehensive overview of technical factors that affect ranking and really matter to organic rankings. You’ll also receive recommendations for actions to help you define your priorities and improve your rankings.

seo onpage

SEO OnPage

SEO OnPage optimization includes all internal factors and aspects of your website which have a huge impact on your website's ranking. We are familiar with the latest OnPage techniques to help you improve your rankings and continue to improve with OnPage SEO optimization.

seo keyword research

Keyword Research

Knowing what your target audience searches on Google is fundamental in any successful SEO strategy. Our keyword research will analyse all keyword variations and monthly search volumes relevant to your business.

seo offpage

SEO OffPage

SEO OffPage refers to the external factors that affect a website's ranking. Common examples include link building (backlinks) and Social Signals originating from social media. We advise you on how to obtain high quality backlinks.

seo content writing

SEO Content Writing

Content is King. High quality content is the key to successfully converting visitors to buyers. In 2020, search engines like Google and Bing are able to perfectly distinguish good content from bad content. We create SEO content your visitors and Google will love.

seo local

Local SEO

A tax advisor from München wants to make sure potential clients from his district will find him when searching for local tax advisors online. With Local SEO techniques, we help businesses improve their visibility to searchers from within their local community.

✔ Expertise: Content Marketing specialists with over 5 years of experience

✔ Knowledge: Native German speakers who know the language and the market

✔ Reacheable: A team that is only one call away from you

✔ Transparent: Clear communication and reporting at anytime during the project

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Search Engine Optimization - A Long-Time Investment

While Paid Advertising is used to generate traffic quickly, Search Engine Optimization is a process that requires ongoing effort and patience.

Search Engine Optimization generally starts with an SEO Audit. This helps define the current issues - both technical issues as well as common issues with ranking factors. GerMarketing provides you with a comprehensive overview of your current performance and detailed recommendations for OnPage and OffPage SEO.

When it comes to SEO in Germany, website owners should think of it as a long-term investment. In Germany, search algorithm competition is tough and there is no strategy that will boost your rankings (SERPs) overnight. Continuous efforts in OnPage and OffPage SEO paired with great content are the keys to success in SEO.

Why Hire an SEO Agency?

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of digital marketing.

Some business owners wonder why their website is not indexed by search engines, while others spend numerous hours optimizing their website only to see their rankings stagnate or even drop.

The consequences of incorrect or poorly done SEO can be fatal - costing you time and potential visitors.

As a professional SEO agency, we know the latest trends and techniques in this constantly evolving field. We analyse your website, create an SEO strategy that matches your brand identity and goals and work side-by-side with your team to help your brand climb the SEO ladder.